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Step 1: Complete this Survey after reading the whole website and clicking on all the links.  Be aware that your HSLDA number will be needed.

Step 2:Complete the appropriate forms/responsibilities according to which ones would apply for your family.  Scroll down.

  • FAX  forms to 805-832-6109 any time
  • MAIL forms to:
    • El Shaddai Academy
      716 North Ventura Road #333
      Oxnard, CA 93030

NEW FAMILY that needs records transferred to ESA. 

Student Record Release: If your child has attended another school, we will need to send for his/her records. This request states the student is now enrolled in El Shaddai Academy. It does not indicate the student is being home schooled. Please fill out the complete name and address of the last school your child attended. Fill in child’s name, grade level, and date of birth. Be sure to sign your name and the date. If your child has never attended another school and you hold the records, please let us know. Send via mail or by fax (805-832-6109).

FIRST GRADE(or no prior cum): 

School Entry Requirements: If you are enrolling your student in first grade (6 years old) and he/she did not attend kindergarten at another school, we will need to establish a cumulative file.

RETURNING FAMILIES that have students who are grade 5 and above will need proof of testing: 

Testing:  Grade 5 and above families will need to FAX or send via MAIL a copy of the results of testing from the previous year.  SAT and IOWA scores may be posted by locating the NPR (National Percentile Rank) and S (Stanine).  SAT and IOWA scores may be posted like this:  47-5.  Post on-line.  All other tests will have a composite score.  Post the composite score.  Any and all prior test scores may be posted by the family. 

Test Option

  • *These tests are for college-bound students.
  • ++Required for all high school students unless waived by Sandy Yip (need to already be testing above grade level to be waived) – This is new as of 6/2011


HIGH SCHOOL MENTOR PROGRAM -- The following forms will be needed for your meeting with the high school administrator/mentor.  Fill in these forms as well as you are able.  Schedule to meet with your mentor when you are done with Step 4.

High School Planning Chart *(keep copy and update yearly) – Bring completed copy to meeting.

Four-Year High School Academic Record *  (keep copy and update yearly) - Bring completed copy to meeting.

Extra-Curricular and Community Service Record *  (keep copy and update yearly) – Bring completed copy to meeting.

Step 3: Go to: www.homeschoolreporting.com. Look for El Shaddai Academy in the drop-down.  This record-keeping site is free to El Shaddai Academy families.  Complete your family information, set up your school year, install student(s), type in any tests scores that are available, add subjects, put in immunization dates, and set up 175 school dates.  Lesson Plans are optional.   You’ll use the Portfolio section to put in at least two (2) Portfolio Notations each quarter. 

RETURNING FAMILIES will use their current email address for their Username and use their previous Password to logon.

Step 4: Pay fees as noted at the bottom of this page.

Registration and Enrollment Program Fees

In order to provide a service that home school families can afford, ESA has kept the enrollment fees as low as possible. Therefore, we:

  • Do allow
    • payment all at once as noted below at the bottom of this page.
    • one initial advisement/mentoring payment of $50 as a deposit applied to the yearly ESA payment.
    • one initial advisement/mentor payment of $50 with the intent of generating a 2-month or 4-month subscription (to spread out fees - recession help).
  • Do not pro-rate registration and enrollment fees or refund fees to families that withdraw their students early in the year.
  • Allow families to pay by check or by PayPal.

Grade School Basic Program ($125):

  • www.homeschoolreporting.com for quarterly progress reporting on your password protected family page.
  • Transference of student's records to and from another school. All records are confidential and are kept in fireproof files, as required by law, at the school office.
  • Student and Teacher photo ID cards. Call Kate (or text her) in September to schedule your appointment.

High School Mentor Program ($250):

Figure Your Fees

Number of
Grade School
(1st – 8th)
Basic Program
$125 per student
High School
Mentor Program
$250 per student
New Family Registration
$100 per year
Returning Family Registration
$50 per year
Compliance Deposit for complete family with Grade School students ONLY (REFUNDABLE)**
Compliance Deposit for complete family with at least one High School Student (REFUNDABLE)**

**Compliance Deposit Account (CDA) is for on-time recording of attendance, on-time recording of grades, on-time submission of subject samples for high school students. Portfolio Notations, and attendance for MANDATORY High School Progress Report meetings. If your family is up to date and consistent, you’ll have all these funds returned at the end of the school year (completion of 175 days).

Check the following CDA criteria:

  • Recording attendance quarterly - $10
  • Recording of grades quarterly for grade school and by semester for high school - $10
  • Two Portfolio Notations quarterly - $10
  • Subject samples for high school students quarterly (not required for parents of grade school students) - $10
  • MANDATORY High School Progress Report meetings quarterly (not required for parents of grade school students) - $50

These above fees will be deducted from your CDA whenever there is delayed compliance for one or more missing criteria. Being delinquent beyond 30 days in any criteria and/or exhausting your CDA is grounds for dismissal from ESA and your family would be dis-enrolled from ESA. Cumulative files would be forwarded.

When you are ready to submit fees through PayPal, click here...

or, make your check payable to El Shaddai Academy and
send to 716 North Ventura Rd #333, Oxnard, CA 93030.

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